Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tool 7

  1. There is an amazing amount of collaboration for teachers and classrooms to interface learning. Opening my classroom to other classrooms around the globe will enhance learning and certainly "raise the bar" for students.
  2. Post the following about the project:
    1. TLW create a google spreadsheet using student measurements from both a 3rd and 5th grade class to tally their personal physical growth throughout the year. Data will be used that coincides with math objectives throughout the years curriculum objectives such as graphing word problems and comparing data between classes.
    2. We plan to implement the project with the opening of the school year in September and will continue charting growth and data as the year progresses.
    3. We plan to use Google Forms and Google Spreadsheets.
    4. We will measure student heighth, width (with arms extended), and shoe size.
    5. My 5th grade classroom will collaborate and share with Mrs. Jennifer Smith's 3rd grade classroom. This should enlighten their understanding of measurement in a very personal and engaging way.

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